80 degrees in March, I love it!

It's supposed to be in the 80's all week!  I ran along the beach yesterday and it was GORGEOUS!  I'm planning on soaking up some rays with the below items. 
This picture made me laugh ( thanks Google images). I think I will stick to my bike for transportation.

Might need to jimmy rig my beach cruiser

Words with Friends at the beach? Sound good to me!

10 short blocks away


December is Shaping Up Pretty Nicely...

I was happy to say goodbye to November, as December is full of friends, food and fun!  Tomorrow marks the beginning of the holiday festivities as I am off to Seattle to craft, bake and booze at Theresa's with some other fabulous gals.  I am most looking forward to:
  • Stopping at Tom's for a Peanut Butter Shake
  • Traditional Lunch at Taco Time
  • Traditional Dinner of Papa Murphy's
  • Mandatory Pajama Wearing 
  • Snuggling Babies
  • Walking in the Snow
  • Group Trip to Target, Michael's, and Jo-Ann's (in PJ's of course)
  • 24 Hours of Baking, Crafting, and Boozing
  • Making a Triple Batch of Muddy Buddies in a Garbage Sack
  • Rothie Finishing the Needlepoint I started in 2002
Scenes from last years Bake Off:

Ingredients Table

Frosting Station

Finished Treats - So Tasty!

As if that weren't enough, the lovely Leslie Marie Jones arrives in on Wednesday for a whopping five days!!  I'm so looking forward to long chats, walks, coffees and wine.  She also will participate in our first ever "Cali Bake Off" on the 12th. 

Eat, Drink and Be Merry is really applying to my December.


Health is important!

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* The consumption of Margaritas may make you think you are whispering
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Please share this with women who may need Margaritas.


SoCal: Washington Edition

Here are some of the blog posts I need to catch up on:

1. I moved BACK to Cali
2. Karli and me: 22 hrs in the car
3. My new place
4. Girls wine trip to Solvang
5. Trips back to Seattle
6. The Burrell's visit.
7. Boston bound: The Lisa's visit the Mullin's

the lists go on and on.

Tonight my Washington So Cal girls (friends that live in WA now, but used to live in Cali) if the title didn't explain itself, are meeting for our monthly dinner. I've been gone for 3 months and have only missed two, plus I plan on making November and of course December (it's the best one). I am so sad to be missing tonights dinner. Based on the chain of emails today, it is going to be a night of more laughs then usual. I miss you girls!!!! Try not to have too much fun with out me.

All of the socal girls:


Summer Sisters

The girls and I headed down to Harstein Island to enjoy some summer fun and sun!!! We initiated three new members - Court and baby Charlotte and the only boy...baby Easton! As usual, we ate and laughed a lot!
Court and Charlotte
Charlotte and Easton....just hanging out

Court and me

Easton and me getting some much needed Vitamin D!

Cabe teaching Court a new Bob trick

Out for a stroll

Summer Sisters rule #1 Cabe makes a lasagna. #2 We have to finish the lasagna, no matter what the size!

Bonfire and Smores

Putting out the fire

Late night relaxing and trashy mag reading

My favorite...late night snuggles


Drumroll please...

There are moments in peoples life's that define who someone is. As Lisa's guest blogger, I have the pleasure to announce this one. LISA FINISHED HER FIRST 1/2 MARATHON. Yes, you heard me right. She finish 13.1 miles!! With little to no training she and Becki (along with myself and my mom following behind) crossed the finish line of the Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon in 2:52!!! The night before she put in her best fight, "jokingly", to not even start the race, but she proved herself wrong and found her inner athlete. LSpry, I am VERY proud of you and this accomplishment. In the words of Lisa, "If I trained, I could be a super star." You already are :).
- Karli
N0 race is complete without the pre-porta potty break. Yahoo for us!!
What a group. Stay tuned to my blog for more pictures.


LA Bound

Leaving in the early am for LA - first stop Korean BBQ truck lunch with Avery, Christy, & my sis. Second stop - Fairmont hotel for drinks and lounging pool side. Looking forward to 10 days of friends, sun, Tim McGraw/Lady A. concert, and more SUN! Also looking forward to spending time with these two lil ones.
My niece Sara and my nephew Matthew
Please Note: post was a dual effort. Still don't have my blogging wings yet!
Post by Lisa & Jessi


Happy Birthday Marge!

My two favorite pictures from Marge Madness 2010: The Big 30!

Ready to take our shots....Marge might still be thinking about it.

WOW! This picture really made me laugh. I loved it! Matt is not interested in high fiving about it. Marge is not sure she enjoyed hers and Stacie is taking her sweet time.

Favorite Marge memories:
1. Doing spooky laughs late at night.
2. Trying to name as many Goldie Hawn and Whoopi Goldberg movies as we can. I think we got stuck after Wildcats and Sister Act....II.
3. When I stole your pillow out from under your head in Hawaii because I lied and told you I brought the pillow from home. You're such a sucker!
I have many, many more but won't embarrass on your birthday!

Your party was a blast!!! Marge Madness year three was the best! Favorite quote: "Wow, Marge Madness has really evolved, it has appetizers." Stephanie (Bigler) Burell